E commerce Website Design

DO you need to build a beautifully designed e commerce website, which responds to your customer’s browsing expectations? At our platform, you can ask an expert to analyse your business offering and suggest the best course of website design for your business, such that you are able to portray what your business sells and attract customers at the same time.

Streamline the mobile shopping experience for your customers which offers the highest rates of conversion for your website. By optimising the shopping experience for your customers, you will be able to draw maximum conversions from each online click. Manage inventory for your website and optimise the flow of e commerce audience by using our sophisticated tools, which are designed to offer greater convenience to the audience and help them draw the perfect user experience.

Add easy accessibility functions to your website and give your customers the perfect online experience that will draw them to your website again and spread your name on the digital space, thus improving the flow of leads to your business. We can help you attain each of these objectives in a goal barred fashion, which will prove to be an economic investment.


Multichannel marketing refers to the use of different channels of communication offering product or service propositions and letting the customer to take action in response, mostly transaction centred. The advantage of multichannel marketing over single channel marketing is that there are more chances of a favourable response from the customer in case of the former. Today, customers have more choice and hence the use of strategic tools such as multichannel marketing becomes imperative. Shine Infotech holds experitise and offers integrated solutions for all e-commerce marketing requirements. Our latest technology integrated services offer end to end solutions to all your marketing requirements.


Omnichannel Marketing

Consumers these days have several channels to communicate with a brand. They may engage through the retail store or connect through a mobile app. Hence, it has become imperative for marketers to provide a seamless experience to each customer, irrespective of the channel he is using. From measuring data to developing content, there are several things that need to be kept in mind to get omnichannel marketing right. Omnichannel marketing ensures the consistency of each channel, thus providing heightened customer experience. Shine Infotech offers solutions that use the leading technology in order to cater to all your omnichannel marketing requirements.

Omnichannel Marketing


A/B testing enables you to track conversion rates when changes in the design of your e-commerce website are made. A/B testing involves testing of two variants – A and B – with a live traffic. This will help you determine the increase or decrease in your conversion rate, basis the change made to the website. Often companies float Beta versions of their website for A/B ecommerce website testing. Shine Infotech specialises in A/B testing of ecommerce website and offers cutting edge technology tools to help you reach out to your target audience and take your conversion further ahead.


With the digital market getting more and more competitive by the day, it is essential for every online businessman to look at strategies to increase his conversion rates. These days customers have a wider range of choices and hence converting visitors to users. Studies show that E-commerce Conversion Optimization can help you enhance your business by 69 per cent. Shine Infotech offers you its highly targeted solutions through its bouquet of services. Our expertise in E-commerce conversion optimization can help you get greater conversion rates and hence a more profitable business.


One main imperative of designing the website is to make it e commerce friendly so that the user has an amazing experience and wants to come back again. In this age of internet, it is essential that the website not only has a outstanding interface and design but also does great for search engine ranking and indexing. The real business happens only through the virtual means. With a ecommerce being just an important part of business today, we bring to you the added features that add value to this buying-selling experience.



Almost everyone has an email id and email marketing is popular because of its large accessibility. Every other mail sent to potential consumers can be called as a part of email marketing. Email Marketing Analytics is a new way to track your sales and other information. This software has not only made email marketing easier but also saved the time and effort that goes into communicating with the masses. It is a hassle free and one of the best way to market your ideas to the masses. Not only does it save your money, but it also allows you to reach the masses with an effective tool of advertising.
Choice is yours; advertising is always the solution to so many riddles in life.